Saturday, June 12, 2010

made Ghee today

In the morning I made cheese, I know I know another bergkaese *LOL* but we like it and it's fast to make,
had to vaccuum seal some cheese that are ready :) drove daughter to dance, but had to pick her up earlier bacuse it was "BORING" hahaha how can a dance be boring??

anyways finished the Ghee almost, tomorrow I will fill it in little glass containers.
I'm just to tired to do anything right now,

Batch #16 200 liters
total so far 3200 liters of milk

did not take any pictures!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

cheese morning *LOL*

Finnaly I made another cheese this morning, I made a new brine the day before my batch #14 and that Brine was a disaster, the PH was not balanced and I had problems with my babyswiss getting a firm rind...
anyways it seems OK now, so I made Bergkaese :) but I did bring home some whey just in case the Brine acts up on me.

yesterday I went to cadets with my daughter, she made it :)  she got PE&RT (Physical Education and Recreation Training)  in CSTC Blackdown, she is leaving July 3th and will be back August 14th, will miss her but will go and visit if everything goes as planned :)

also today I should receive my daughter's new laptop, her's is on the verge to crash, she wants a Mac but I can't afford that just yet, I guess that will keep me busy a little wile till everything is installed from the old one to the new one.

OK Laptop arrived, I'm working on the recovery disks, downloading some stuff for it.
it's a HUGE Box, I would say more box then something else *LOL*

look at that a box in a box *LOL*

I'm almost done with the recovery discs and still downloading stuff.

I went to the house to get the BabySwiss to move back to the cave :)
they sure look good :)

and eaven the one that busted is not to bad looking *giggle*

I moved BabySwiss cheese from the warm place to the cave, now it has to be there a few weeks and then we know if it's good *LOL*

here they are :)

in about 1 Hr. I will get the cheese from the press and bring them to the cave to Brine.

Batch #15 200 liters
total so far 3000 liters of milk


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